Brewista Ultimate Pour-Over Bundle


This 4-piece set includes everything you need to channel your inner barista. It's the perfect set for dialing in your pour-over process. Impress your friends and family, or revel in the intimate experience, as you refine your skills with this modern, sleek and design-forward set. It's your complete pour-over experience, in a box.

The set includes:

  • Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle Candy Edition, a design collaboration with 2021 UAE National Brewers Cup Champion and artist Mariam Erin, in the ombré color of your choice. Its intelligent design allows for to-the-degree temperature control for a perfectly brewed bean, and is coveted by coffee lovers craving a more elevated coffee experience. It's quite literally the eye candy piece for your home coffee bar.
  • Stainless Steel X Series Hand Grinder, our sleek modern grinder carefully hand built by trained artisans, makes the perfect cup of coffee using a wide range of grind settings for pour over, espresso and french presses. 
  • 1-2 Cup Tornado Duo Double Wall Glass Dripper, our revolutionary ribbed dripper that slows the pour over extraction time to give your coffee a more robust and satisfying taste.
  • 500 ml X Series Glass Server, with its wide base design and built-in polygonal inner base that unlocks perfectly balanced coffee.

Don't forget these...