Nutr Machine


Please Note this is a PREORDER item and will be shipping in approximately 2 weeks from purchase!!!

Make homemade plant-based and nut milks, in a matter of minutes – with our sleek and compact design for single servings, perfect for your countertop. 

In just a few easy steps, make fresh nut milk at the push of a button. No more messy nut milk making, no more store-bought plant milks! Eliminate carton waste, and unhealthy preservatives and additives commonly found in brand-name products.

With each purchase of a Nutr Machine, get a free Nutr Blends Variety Pack!

Why Nutr

  • Powerful blades for better tasting & creamier nut milk
  • Versatile uses for nut & plant-based milks, plus smoothies and food recipes!
  • 3 heat & blend settings (room temp, warm & hot)
  • Compact for your counter to make a fresh, single serving of milk
  • A more sustainable option by ditching the emissions-heavy dairy industry and store-bought milk cartons.
  • Living healthy made easy, know exactly what your nut milk contains!

Capacity: 350mL suitable to enjoy a cup of fresh nut milk, and easy to carry when traveling. It makes 8-13 oz of beverage.

Voltage: 110V / 60 Hz power. If used outside the US, a power converter or step-down transformer is needed.

Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 8.2 inches; 3 Pounds.


Return & Warranty

Nutr provides a 30-day return window (US) from the date of which you receive the product. For any materials or workmanship related issues, please see warranty information below.

1-Year Warranty: We will issue a full refund by product replacement if you have received a product that has a manufacturing defect or the product does not match the description provided by us subject to terms herein. This Warranty extends 1 year after shipment.

  • Please contact us. Upon report of the issue.
  • Returned items must be received and inspected prior to the issue of a replacement item. The item may be new or in a newly refurbished condition.
  • Any order refunds will not be issued, only replacement products.


Don't forget these...

I purchased Nutr about a month ago. I used it almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I used for nut milk such as cashew milk, walnut milk, etc. I also used for soy milk, rice milk, smoothies, etc. The milk is very smooth and fresh. I really love it! Thank you so much, Nutr! :)

- Lijuan B.

Really like my Nutr, I make coffee creamer in it the most with almonds. Really like the fact it only has 2 ingredients not like store brands.

- Marilyn H.

LOVE this product! I had made nut milk in the blender before and it was "okay." Nutr brings it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! SUPER easy, which means I make nut milk WAY more and delicious! Way smoother and more delicious! This is a genius machine. I'm not one for kitchen gadgets but this is top notch! LOVE IT!

- Michele B.