Nutr Blends Flavors



Nutr Blends are whole foods in powdered form, packed with superfoods and functional, adaptogenic ingredients. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, matching the nutritional value found in dairy milk. As well as being vegan, dairy-free, and low in carbs and sugars.

  • Strawberry | Immunity: May help enhance immunity while having a rich berry taste.
  • Chocolate | Mood Boost: May help improve mood and boost energy levels while having a lightly sweet cacao taste.
  • Matcha | Clarity: May have an energizing effect and support cognitive function while having a savory, earthy taste.
  • Vanilla Cinnamon | Calm: May help to reduce stress and promote relaxation with warm notes of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Turmeric and Ginger | Repair: May reduce inflammation for a powerful immunity enhancement with a hint of black pepper.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutr Blends are proprietary wellness blends to further simplify your lifestyle & healthy habits. Each blend features delicious flavors, adaptogenic and functional foods, plus added vitamins & minerals to match the benefits of cow’s milk. Your plant-based milk booster is something your mind, body and taste buds will thank you for!

Nutr Blends are easy to use and fit seamlessly into the current Nutr milk making process. All you need to do is pick your Blend flavor and add it to your Nutr Machine along with your preferred nuts / oats and water - and watch the machine do the rest! In a matter of minutes you’ll have flavored plant-based milk that is both delicious and nutritious!

Absolutely! The possibilities are endless with Nutr Blends - simply add in your favorite blend flavor to your current Nutr milk recipe and voila! A single base, or a mix, will work great.

Nutr Blends do not automatically come with a Nutr Machine purchase. We have a Starter Kit to combine both the Nutr Machine and Blends Box for easy ordering! This is available for both individual Blends box purchase, along with a subscription (subscribe & save 15%!). We also offer a single Variety Pack, if you’d like to try out the blends to purchase alongside your machine!

Currently we have 4 options for bases: Almonds, Rolled Oats, Cashews and Hemp Hearts. All bases are USDA organic, raw and unsalted - perfect for milk making! We also offer 5 Nutr Blends options: Chocolate (Mood boost), Vanilla Cinnamon (Calm), Strawberry (Immunity), Matcha (Clarity) and Turmeric & Ginger (Repair). Each blend flavor offers a specific function, supported by various ingredients in each proprietary blend. All blends are USDA organic, vegan, all-natural products, low in both sugar and calories!

Nutr Blends are available both for individual purchase, as well as for a monthly subscription program. Two sizes are available: small (10 servings) and large (20 servings). The small box comes with a choice of (1) base and (2) blends. The large box comes with a choice of (2) bases and (4) blends.

Nutr Blends are a proprietary formulation developed in-house by Nutr, alongside a team of certified nutritionists. Ingredients have been carefully sourced and selected, with our blends formulated and produced here in the U.S.

While our blends are functional in nature with key superfood ingredients, Nutr products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are on any medications, we recommend checking with your doctor before use. These products are not intended for children or for those who may be pregnant.