Franke A400 FM Super Automatic Coffee Machine


 The A400 is perfectly suited for any professional coffee setting - from a coffee shop to a hotel lobby. The convenient machine size and automatic cleaning system make it an easy-to-use option, and the interactive touch screen is customizable for any operator's needs. Plus, thanks to the FoamMaster™ technology, baristas are able to craft the perfect hot or cold coffee foam for show-stopping drinks that exceed all expectations.

Key Features

Effortless to use

With an 8-inch color touchscreen and customizable beverage menu, both your staff and your customers can create a memorable coffee moment with ease.

 State-of-the-art design

The A400 not only elevates your space but its clever design features a modular brewing unit. Choose between the 43E for espresso specialties, increase the volume with the larger 50E or pick the filter-based 50N for brewed coffee and espresso beverages.

Hassle-free cleaning

The optional CleanMaster system makes cleaning quick and efficient to help minimize your staff's workload – creating more time for your employees to focus on your customers.

Barista foam quality

Include our revolutionary FoamMaster™ technology to offer customers an unlimited choice of foam consistencies for perfect milk foam every time.


The Franke A400 FM coffee machine is a state-of-the-art machine that is designed to provide high-quality coffee quickly and easily. It is equipped with a range of advanced features that make it ideal for use in a coffee shop, restaurant, or other commercial setting.

Description and Qualities:

The Franke A400 FM coffee machine is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. It features a high-resolution 7-inch touch screen display that makes it simple to select the desired drink and adjust the settings. The machine also has a large bean hopper that can hold up to 1.2 kilograms of coffee beans, so you can make coffee without having to refill the machine frequently.

The A400 FM has a fully automatic cleaning program, which ensures that the machine stays clean and hygienic at all times. It also has an energy-saving mode, which helps to reduce energy consumption when the machine is not in use.

The A400 FM is also equipped with a range of advanced features, such as an integrated hot water dispenser and an adjustable milk foam system. This makes it easy to prepare a range of coffee-based beverages, including cappuccinos, lattes, and more.

Why this Model?

The Franke A400 FM coffee machine is an excellent choice for businesses that want to provide high-quality coffee quickly and easily. The machine's advanced features, such as the touch screen display, integrated hot water dispenser, and milk foam system, make it easy to use and navigate. Additionally, the A400 FM's energy-saving mode ensures that it will consume less energy when not in use, which can save you money on your energy bill.

Compared to Other Products:

While there are other coffee machines on the market, the Franke A400 FM coffee machine stands out because of its advanced features and ease of use. Other machines may not offer the same level of functionality, such as the integrated hot water dispenser and milk foam system. Additionally, the A400 FM's touch screen display makes it easy to navigate, and its fully automatic cleaning program means that it requires minimal maintenance.


If you are looking for a high-quality coffee machine for your business, the Franke A400 FM coffee machine is an excellent choice. With its advanced features, energy-saving mode, and easy-to-use interface, the A400 FM is an excellent addition to any coffee shop, restaurant, or other commercial setting. Order your Franke A400 FM coffee machine today and start serving the best coffee possible to your customers.


All Franke machines come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty included only with the Franke Certified Installation.

Shipping & Install

All machines are shipped directly from manufacturer's warehouse. 3-4 week lead time on regular shipping. Please enquire about expedited shipping availability. Installation would be scheduled depending on site readiness and installer availability.


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