Evo Espresso Cleaner - 1 Carton - 12 X 500g


Keep it clean. Keep it green.

With its rapidly soluble and free-rinsing formulation, EVO® removes coffee oils, grounds and stains, improving the taste and aroma of espresso.

Ingredients are rapidly biodegradable and odourless. Non-GMO and free from phosphates and chlorine. Non-corrosive formulation to protect the machine. A measuring scoop is included in 500g jars for accurate dosing. Balancing the cleaning function for your espresso machine with the ability to protect the flavour and quality of organic coffee is a real concern. Cafetto addresses that issue with its Evo espresso machine cleaner. Evo complies with OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute) standards for the USDA National Organic Program.   





Group Heads:

  1. Remove the coffee filter from the group handle and swap it out for the "blind" filter.
  2. For daily cleaning, add 1 level scoop of Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner into the group handle. Insert as if brewing a shot of espresso. NB: if machine is cleaned less often, use 2 scoops.
  3. Start the cycle and allow to run for 10 seconds to dissolve cleaner; stop the cycle and allow to sit for another 10 seconds.
  4. Start and stop the cycle 4 more times, running each for 10 seconds and stopping for 10 seconds.
  5. Remove the group handle and rinse well under hot water from the delivery group. Turn off.
  6. Re-insert handle with blind filter to rinse. Start and stop the cycle 10 times - run for 5 seconds, stop for 2 seconds, ensuring a thorough rinsing. Remove the blind filter and re-insert regular filter.
  7. Brew and discard a single espresso to re-season the machine.

Instructions - Group Handles:

  1. Soak the group handles and filters in 500ml of hot water mixed with 2 scoops of Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner for 10 minutes.
  2. Rinse thoroughly in running hot water.

Cafetto Part Number: E29160

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