Cargo Can Storage Container - Brutrek Brewing


BPA-FreeStain FreeHand WashFood SafeAir Tight

The BruTrek™ Cargo Can is perfect for pre-measured servings of coffee, tea or protein powder – enough for a day or weekend of outdoor brewing adventures. Also ideal for preserving herbs, spices or any other oxygen, humidity & light-sensitive goods. Features writable top lid and magnetic bottom.

Compatible with the Double Shot 3.0 french press travel mug as an upgrade to the standard bottom storage container.


The BruTrek CarGo Can storage container utilizes AirScape technology to keep your dry goods fresh today, fresh tomorrow. The patented inner lid pushes out CO2 and Oxygen, which is the leading cause of stale dry goods. Take the CarGo Can on your next trail run with some energy gummies or on your next camping trip with some granola, or with you overlanding for your coffee grounds. The CarGo Can is also great for spices and will not allow degradation. The CarGo Can also have a magnetic bottom that is perfect for storing your goods in the car or home. Let the CarGo Can be your next small storage device.

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Airscape® Technology:

Airscape® is your go-to airless coffee or weed storage system. Using innovative inner lid technology, these better-than-airtight storage containers force oxygen out of the canister rather than trapping it. Airscape® is reusable & refillable and is ideal for storing more than just coffee – tea, spices, pet treats & more will stay fresh today, fresh tomorrow with Airscape®. 


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