Fiamma Caravel 2 Group Compact CV Black And Red


Compact 2 Group  Espresso Machine. Fiamma Espresso machines are world renowned for their designs and ease of use. 

The Caravel 2 CV- Compact is a fully functional espresso cappuccino machine with direct water hook-up. It has a smaller footprint so its fits in smaller spaces, and plugs into a regular 110V outlet. Espresso, cappuccino  &  hot water are on demand.  A volumetric keypad allows  you to  choose  4 cup sizes with  an automatic stop feature.  Perfect for anybody that needs a full-featured machine in a  smaller space.

  • 2 Coffee Group                                        
  • High groups for larger cups                        
  • Direct Water Line Hook-up                      
  • Volumetric keypads
  • 4 cup settings & continuous flow
  • Steam wand
  • Hot water on demand
  • Mounted pressure gauges
  • Large area cup warmer
  • Pod/Capsule Adaptor (Optional)
  • Rotary motor
  • 6.5 liter Copper boiler
  • Stainless & metal body
  • W18.7” x H 22” x D 21” 
  • 120V/1800W/15Amps   (20 Amp outlet & circuit breaker required)                   
  • Fuego Red Panels
  • Weight – 117 lbs.
  • Fuego Red Panels
  • Made in Portugal

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